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2020 national local FAO directors' meeting convened

Updated:Jan 08,2021 10:28 AM AHFAO

The 2020 national conference for director generals of local foreign affairs offices was held in Nanjing from December 24 to 25. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi was present at the meeting and delivered a report.

More than 180 officials attended the conference, including Peng Shujie, deputy secretary general of the State Council, Lin Songtian, president of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), and Deng Li, assistant minister of foreign affairs, as well as director generals and directors of foreign affairs offices of provincial-level regions, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, sub-provincial cities, some prefecture-level cities, and relevant leading officials from the general office of the State Council, the office of Foreign Affairs Leading Group of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and new leading members of foreign affairs offices of province-level regions.

Yong Chenghan, director general of Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and Fan Zhonghou, deputy director general of Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, attended the conference.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted at the conference the titles of "National Role Model" to 38 grass-roots units in recognition of their work relating to local foreign affairs. The economic service division of Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office made the list of honor.

Minister Wang Yi personally presented awards to the first batch of winning collectives and Director General Yong Chenghan received the award on behalf of the division.

At a group discussion, Yong Chenghan introduced the work completed by Anhui foreign affairs office in 2020 and the work plan for the year of 2021. He also put forward some programs that need the help of the ministry to be carried out for the coming year.