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Experience sharing meeting held online with Japanese aged-care specialists

Updated:Jan 08,2021 10:35 AM AHFAO

An experience sharing video conference with Japanese aged-care specialists was carried out via multi-point internet connection on December 26. It is learned the conference was arranged in the framework of the 2020 "Hefei Introducing Overseas Intelligence" project.

The first and the third people's hospitals of Hefei, and the Yangzhou-base Nanshan Gongguan Nursing House for the Aged attended the meeting as representatives from China side.

Dr. Yang Yuhua first introduced the specialists participating in the video conference, and then the hospitals introduced themselves.

At the conference, a Japanese specialist in elderly care shared his experience on the integration of medical treatment and elderly support, institutional and home-based elderly care services, health assessment standard, and service content for the aged in Japan.

Another Japanese specialist also shared the basic knowledge and specific treatment measures for the aged with cognitive disorder, as well as his experience in helping the elderly turn over in bed and assisting them to move.

At the conference, the two sides also discussed and exchanged ideas on how to better operate nursing institutions and hospitals, and how to cooperate when transferring the elderly from an aged house to a hospital.