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Anhui FAO joins in 50th anniversary of provincial overseas medical aid team

Updated:Jan 08,2021 10:43 AM AHFAO

The 50th anniversary of the first dispatch of Anhui overseas medical aid team was celebrated in Hefei several days ago. At the ceremony, a summary with commendation was made and an international conference on medical cooperation and healthcare was also opened. Representatives from the health system of Anhui, medical colleges and relevant municipal foreign affairs offices attended the event.

Qin Junfeng, member of the leading Party members' group and deputy director general of Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, was present at the meeting and delivered a themed speech on continuous promotion of targeted service relating to foreign affairs by overseas medical aid teams dispatched from Anhui.

Qin Junfeng praised that over the past 50 years since the first medical aid team was dispatched from Anhui, all the teams, particularly those anti-pandemic medical expert groups dispatched to Africa, vigorously carried forward the spirit of the overseas medical aid team featuring "fearing no hardship, being willing to contribute, rescuing the dying and healing the wounded with boundless love", and made great contributions to the national diplomacy and the going-global development of Anhui Province.

Relevant leaders from the international cooperation department of the National Health Commission (NHC) and Anhui Provincial Health Commission attended the ceremony. The leaders summarized and reviewed the fruitful achievements of the overseas medical aid teams dispatched from Anhui, and awarded "honorary certificate" to the medical teams and individuals who worked overseas in recent years.

At the ceremony, a leading official of the passport and visa division of the provincial foreign affairs office made a special lecture to the participants on the policy relating to international trip on business, and explained relevant foreign affairs regulations and service management.