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Anhui export enterprises enjoy over 200 million dollars of tariff preference overseas

Updated:Feb 10,2021 15:25 PM AHFAO

In 2020, Hefei Customs District issued 115,000 certificates of origin, a year-on-year increase of 4%. The value involved in the C/O issued was 6.327 billion US dollars, which enabled Anhui export enterprises to enjoy about 247 million US dollars of tariff preference from the importing country.

It is learned that the certificate of origin is an important certificate for export enterprises to enjoy tariff reduction and other preferential policies of the importing country, which is known as "paper gold" in international trade. 

In 2020, in order to effectively respond to the impact of the epidemic and support enterprises to expand exports, Hefei Customs District continuously optimized the C/O issuing process and introduced and implemented quite a few reforms to simplify the process.

The customs district put the smart examination system on line and realized all-weather immediate examination upon application. The time of certificate issuing was reduced from one day to "one second examination and one second issuing";

It continued the promotion of certificate self-printing and expanded the coverage of the C/O allowed to be self-printed. As of now, 16 kinds of certificate of origin have been permitted to be self-printed. Now, enterprises can obtain a certificate via self-printing without going out to fetch it from a customs office; 

After implementing the measures of certificate issuing based on credit, and applying and obtaining certificate at any chosen customs office within the province, the methods of "doing without seeing in person" and“cloud C/O issuing”have been commonly adopted. In this way, the links of obtaining the certificate for enterprises have been noticeably reduced and the "zero errand" in the whole process of obtaining a certificate has been realized.

The time of certificate issuing has been greatly shortened, and the work efficiency has been significantly improved. The customs district has really provided convenience for enterprises to make good use of the "paper gold" of the certificate of origin.