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Anhui releases action plans for free trade zone

Updated:Feb 10,2021 15:27 PM AHFAO

Anhui Provincial People's Government issued the other day a notice to distribute the "China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone Special Promotion Action Plans".

In the document, the strategic positioning and development goals of the pilot free trade zone have been clearly defined. It has put forward that the construction of the zone should be focused on institutional innovation, and the replicability of the applicable practices developed by the zone are the basic requirements for fully implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, the strategy of regional integration development in the Yangtze River Delta and other requirements issued by the central government. The document also requires the zone to play an important role as a node in the construction of the Belt and Road and the development of the Yangtze Economic Belt, to deepen the integration of sci-tech innovation and the development of economic entities, and to accelerate the construction of the source of scientific and technological innovation and the cluster development of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, so as to form a new high ground of reform and opening up in Anhui.

The zone is expected to complete more internationally competitive institutional innovation achievements in three to five years of reform and exploration, accumulate practical experience for further opening up, push forward scientific and technological innovation, industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, product innovation and marketing innovation, promote the construction of large open channels and large platforms, make it easier for customs clearance, and work hard to make the pilot free trade zone a high-standard and high-quality one featuring convenient trade and investment, active and energetic innovation, high-end industrial agglomeration and complete financial services, safe and high efficient supervision and outstanding influence and driving role.

The document has clarified the main tasks and measures, putting forward specified action plans for implementing the "9 + 3 + n" program: the "9" here means nine special promotion action plans, the "3" here means the construction implementation plans of the Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu areas, the "n" here means some special action plans to be added in or adjusted according to actual needs.

According to the document, the nine special promotion action plans will be fully carried out in the across-the-board improvement of the business environment, the deepening of reform in the investment field, the pushing forward of high-quality trade development, the deepening of opening up and innovation in the financial field, the fostering of innovation-driven development, the optimization and upgrading of industries, the service to the national major strategies, the development guarantee by the rule of law, and the replication and popularization of the good practices in the interaction between the areas listed in the pilot free trade zone and local development zones.