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Zhang Xi meets Korean diplomats

Updated:Feb 10,2021 15:43 PM AHFAO


Vice Governor Zhang Xi met with a delegation from the consulate general of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai headed by Kim Seung-Ho, the newly appointed ROK consul general to Shanghai on the morning of February 3. Yong Chenghan, director general of Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office was present at the meeting.


After extending his welcome to the consul general and other diplomats, Zhang Xi briefly introduced Anhui and its social and economic development. The vice governor pointed out that Anhui and ROK share a good foundation for cooperation. During the critical period in the fight against the novel coronavirus, Anhui and ROK cared about each other and helped each other. The two sides have interpreted the deep friendship between the two with practical actions to support each other. The vice governor said he hopes that the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai will continue to support the exchanges and cooperation between Anhui and South Korea and promote mutual development relying on the World Manufacturing Convention and other open platforms.

In response, Kim Seung-Ho expressed his gratitude for the care and assistance Anhui offered to its Korean sister cities and Anhui-based Korean enterprises during the spread of the pandemic. He said the cooperation between South Korea and Anhui has broad prospects. He promised to support and encourage more enterprises in his country to develop in Anhui so as to further strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, culture, tourism and other fields, and to promote the bilateral ties between the two to a higher level.