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Anhui Performing Arts Go Global

Updated:Jan 05,2021 10:43 AM AHFAO

Acrobatic drama “The Beautiful Dream” created its brand in Europe; “Anhui Performing Arts” started the New Year festival in America; Huangmei Opera “The Emperor’s Female Son-in-law” highlighted the Chinese Opera Festival in Paris; Multimedia Song & Dance Music ‘Charming Anhui’ excited the “The Source of Russia” Arts Festival; and Huangmei Opera prevailed in Australia.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Anhui has actively implemented the project of performing arts going global.

In the forms of acrobatics, dance and opera, the theaters and troupes of Anhui have created many art works with distinctive local characteristics and cultural value.

With these art works, theaters and troupes in Anhui have continuously broadened overseas market, boosted influence of Anhui performing arts in foreign countries, carried forward the fine traditional Chinese culture and achieved good social and economic results.