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Key work of Anhui in 2020

Updated:Jan 05,2021 11:22 AM Anhui Today

On the morning of January 12, the 3rd session of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress of Anhui was solemnly convened. Governor Li Guoying delivers a government work report during the session. The report points out that 2020 will see the goal of constructing a moderately prosperous society in all aspects to be achieved. It is also the year that the 13th Five-Year Plan is completed. The province will exert itself to accomplish 10 major works.

I.  To resolutely win the “three tough battles” of preventing financial risks, reducing poverty and tackling pollution

Winning the “battle” of targeted poverty alleviation with flying colors has much higher gold content than just winning it. We have to make sure the task of poverty alleviation to be completed to the fullest and no one will be left behind. Such poverty reduction must be of high quality and it will be held to the test of time. Poverty alleviation must be and implementing the strategy of rural revitalization.

To steadfastly fight against pollution will never be slowed down, as air quality continues to improve. The black and odorous water bodies in the built-up areas of cities and rural areas must be basically eliminated. The river (lake) chief system will be implemented vehemently. The ecological compensation mechanism in the Xin’an River Basin will be improved while and the ecological compensation mechanism in the Tuohu Lake Basin will be established. The conservation and restoration of ten wetlands around Chaohu Lake will be promoted. Hefei plans to construct Luogang Central Park. The province is going to afforest 80,000 hectares.

The province firmly fights against and resolves major risks, including risks of local legal person financial institutions, of Internet financial stock, and government debt risk.

II.  To reinvigorate economic entities and stabilize growth

What can be done to fix the current economic downturn and cut the deficit is to concentrate on the big issues, including reduction of taxes and fees that should be reduced in place.

The province will stabilize and expand effective investment. The number of major projects that will be started construction with sole value of hundred million yuan will exceed 1800. The number of accomplished projects will exceed 700.

Consumption capacity and quality will be improved.

III.  To accelerate the improvement of innovation ability

The province will strengthen the construction of the source of scientific and technological innovation and improve the function of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center. A number of important science infrastructure projects and science research platforms will be started to construct.

The province will accelerate the implementation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

An excellent work environment will be created for all kinds of talents that make them feel supported and encouraged and have a sense of happiness.

IV.  To vigorously promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

The province will promote the agglomeration development of strategic emerging industries.

At the same time, it will promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries.

Deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries would be encouraged to be promoted.

Digital economy would be vigorously developed.

V.  To firmly promote the Yangtze River Delta integration and regional coordinated development

The province will promote fully implementation of the Yangtze River Delta Integration Development Plan and Anhui Action Plan.

The city of Hefei, with its rapidly growing population, will boast the province’s largest metropolitan circle around the province in the near future. In addition, five economic development parks will be promoted to construct around the whole province.

The province will strengthen the transformation and development of resource-based cities.

The vitality of county economic development will be continuously enhanced.

VI.  To deepen the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing rural areas

The province will speed up the construction of rural infrastructure and public service.

Supply of important agricultural products will be safeguarded to promote farmers’ income raise.

The province will deepen rural reform and innovation.

VII.  To deepen key reforms and optimize the business environment

More efforts will be made to push forward the reform of “governance and service”.

The province will deepen reforms in key areas such as state-owned enterprises.

The environment for the development of private economy will be optimized.

VIII.  To promote opening-up at a higher-level

The province will promote foreign trade stability and quality.

It will promote the construction of channels, platforms and custom clearance for export and import. It will improve the efficiency and quality of investment and business attraction.

IX.  To better protect and improve people’s livelihood

The province will provide its residents with satisfactory education opportunities.

Employment and social security will be strengthened.

The construction of healthy Anhui will be vigorously prompted.

Implementation of people’s livelihood will be accurately and efficiently promoted.

X.  To build a peaceful Anhui at a higher level

The province will improve the prevention and control system of social safety.

It will strengthen public safety and emergency management.

A new pattern of grassroots governance will be built.