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Over 40 South Sudanese medical workers complete Chinese language course

Updated:Sep 06,2021 10:39 AM Xinhua

More than 40 South Sudanese medical workers graduated on Wednesday after completing their three-month Chinese language course.

Alier Nyok, Acting Director-General of Juba Teaching Hospital praised the graduates that included doctors, nurses and midwives upon completing the intensive Chinese language course, noting that the language will ease communication between health workers from the two countries.

"They (Chinese) have gone further to make the relationship with us easier," said Nyok in Juba on during the graduation ceremony.

"I hope it (relationship) will continue and we request that those who apply for basic medical Chinese language should be given more advanced training so that they will be useful in helping us in communication between you (Chinese) and us," he added.

Nyok said that the medical language courses will go a long way in strengthening ties between China and South Sudan.

The training that commenced in June was conducted by the eighth batch of the Chinese medical team in the youngest nation.

The team from Anhui Province arrived in August last year in the country to boost health care services.

Hua Ning, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, lauded the South Sudanese medical workers and the team of Chinese doctors upon concluding the training.

He said that the language course will strengthen people-to-people exchanges and the relationship between the two countries.

"I am actually expecting to see the development of the people-to-people exchange," he said.

Hua noted that the development of bilateral relationship aims to improve the well-being of the two peoples.

He added that cooperation in the health sector is one of the top priorities of the Chinese government because it delivers health care services to the people.

"We are very glad to see the training that has been completed has helped to bridge the language barrier between the Chinese and the South Sudanese colleagues," said Hua.

"It is a very good beginning and I am sure that we will continue with this kind of training program," Hua added.