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Int'l TCM expo kicks off in China’s Bozhou

Updated:Sep 13,2021 15:58 PM www.cnanhui.org

The 2021 International (Bozhou) TCM Expo and the 37th National (Bozhou) TCM Trade Fair kicked off in Bozhou, a city in east China’s Anhui province, on Thursday.

223 companies attended the expo, displaying traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), scented tea and alcoholic products in two main exhibition areas in the Bozhou Municipal Administrative Service Center.

More exhibitions were staged during the expo, including the TCM cultural exhibition and the exhibition on achievements made by local TCM industry clusters.

In addition, 220 firms took part in the expo via its online platform.

The city has stepped up efforts to industrialize and modernize TCM and make it go global in recent years.

Chinese medicinal crops, covering an area of 1.213 million mu (80, 867 hectares), were planted in 2020. Meanwhile, the output of a total of more than 200 TCM producers stood at 35.22 billion yuan ($5.46 billion), up 10.3 percent from a year earlier. The city recorded 106 billion yuan in the volume of online and offline trade of Chinese herbal medicine, ranking first in China.