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Hefei Metro Line 4 officially opens

Updated:Dec 28,2021 15:25 PM cnanhui.org

On December 26, Hefei's Metro Line 4 (symbol color: orange) was officially put into operation.

This new L-shaped metro line, with 31 stations and a total length of 41.37 kilometers, crosses the city from west to northeast. Its opening marks a significant improvement to the city's metro network, which now has 122 subway stations, 156 kilometers of mileage in operation, and 196 trains running. Through Line 4 and Line 3, the current 5 metro lines of Hefei are now mutually connected, forming a circular network which provides commuters with more convenient services.

In terms of fares, the maximum price for a one-way ticket of Line 4 is 7 yuan, the same as for transferring to Line 3. Transferring to Line 1,2 and the south part of Line 5 all cost 6 yuan at most.

After the opening of Metro Line 4, the average number of daily passengers of it is expected to surpass 200,000 and the passenger flow of the entire metro system will surge to over one million, according to a staff member from the Operation Branch of Hefei Urban Rail Transit Corporation.