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Anhui ranks 9th in China by number of listed firms

Updated:Jan 04,2022 10:11 AM www.cnanhui.org

18 companies in east China’s Anhui province launched initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2021, including seven on the science and technology innovation board, also known as the STAR Market, according to a report from People’s Daily Online.

In addition, six out of the 18 firms were listed on the ChiNext board, four on the mainboard, and one on the Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE), the report said.

Home to a total of 149 listed companies, the province ranked ninth in the country as of Dec 31. It took the seventh place with 15 local enterprises listed on the STAR Market.

The number of listed firms reached 68 in Hefei, capital of the province, bringing the city to the 14th spot in the country, according to the report.