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Anhui issues 24.6 bln yuan worth of special bonds

Updated:Feb 14,2022 12:01 PM www.cnanhui.org

The Department of Finance of Anhui Province has issued the first special bonds for 2022, worth 24.6 billion yuan ($3.9 billion), as the province seeks to boost infrastructure investment and stabilize economic growth.

The special bonds were issued nearly four months earlier than last year and at an average interest rate 12 basis points lower, the department said.

The bonds will fund 203 projects covering nine areas including transport infrastructure, agriculture, ecological conservation and government-subsidized housing.

Of the total, 130 million yuan were issued at an issuance term of five years, 280 million yuan at a term of seven years and 4.5 billion yuan at a term of ten years. The issuance terms also included 15 years, 20 years and 30 years, according to the department.