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Kochi to host exhibition for 35th Anniversary of sister-city relations with Wuhu

Updated:Jan 29,2021 10:14 AM AHFAO

An exhibition commemorating the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the friendly city relationship between Wuhu and Kochi will be held in Kochi, Japan, on January 25. Shan Xiangqian, mayor of Wuhu, recorded a special video message to Kochi, conveying the best wishes of Wuhu to the citizens of Kochi in Japan.

Since the establishment of the sister-city relations, Wuhu and Kochi have forged a long-term friendship. Although the novel coronavirus pneumonia once pressed down the "pause key" for "face to face" contacts between the two cities, the emotional exchanges between the two warmed up during the pandemic, opening up a "cloud foreign affairs work" mode featuring communication via telephone, e-mail and video. 

In the video message, Shan Xiangqian said that although the pandemic has changed our communication from offline to online, the friendship between us has never changed.

Mayor Shan stressed that in the future, the two cities will continue friendly cooperation between the two cities in the "post-epidemic era", and will further improve the exchanges and cooperation mechanism. He said he believes that with the joint efforts, the friendship between the two cities will last from generation to generation and the future of the two cities will be more prosperous.