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Profile of Maryland State

Updated:May 07,2021 16:45 PM AHFAO


Maryland is strategically located on the Atlantic Seaboard, close to Washington DC, the nation's capital. The capital city is Annapolis and Baltimore is the state's largest city. Baltimore is only 50 miles north of Washington, DC and the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area is well connected. The state is incredibly diverse and welcoming, with one out of every seven residents born overseas.

Industry Strength

Biotechnology & Health Care

Maryland is home to one of the largest biotechnology industry clusters in the world, and is the site of FDA and NIH, as well as Johns Hopkins University.

Advanced Technology

Maryland’s aerospace, computer modeling, encryption, gaming and simulation software; and satellite, wireless and fiber optics communications clusters, are among these industries’ strongest.


Maryland is headquarters to two of the world’s major investment services companies – T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason -- as well as regional and support operations of many of Wall Street’s largest entities.

New Energy

Maryland also has an excellent performance in new energy and advanced manufacturing.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Maryland is strategically located with excellent logistics. With the massive redevelopment of Tradepoint Atlantic, companies like FritoLay, Amazon, FedEx, Under Armour, and UPS are establishing new facilities.