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Luogang Airport site to be permanent venue for WMC

Updated:Nov 05,2020 16:42 PM AHFAO


Hefei is planning a new landmark for the city, a high-quality central park in the area of the former Luogang Airport covering a total area of 9.9 square kilometers. The park will serve as a "green lung" embedded in the transition zone between the developed and developing urban areas. According to the planning, on the west side of the park by the transportation hub, a high-end internet innovation headquarters base will be built as an international arena for Hefei to showcase its achievements to the whole world.


The park planned goes along the undulating skyline of Huizhou Dadao in the C, B and D plots, and at the far end of the axis along Hefeinan Railway Station to Jinxiu Lake, an international sci-tech exchange center named after Binhu will be constructed as an important landmark building. The height and volume of the architecture will be soon determined.


The international sci-tech exchange center to be built on the southeast section to the intersection of Huayuan Dadao of the central park and Qinghai Lu will cover an area of 483 mu with a total floor area of 250,000 square meters. The center will be composed of three functional areas respectively for conferences, sci-tech R&D exhibitions and comprehensive services. Upon completion, the center will become the permanent venue for the World Manufacturing Convention (WMC).