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WMC sees projects signed online with Hong Kong, Macao enterprises

Updated:Sep 18,2020 09:50 AM AHFAO

A joint signing ceremony during the World Manufacturing Convention 2020 was held in Wanda Vista Hefei on September 12.


A total of 65 projects involving investment from Hong Kong and Macao were signed online, with a total investment of 50,972 million yuan. Seven of them were signed at the main venue.


The number and the total investment of the projects involving Hong Kong and Macao investment signed this year in the event increased by 4.8 percent and 14.3 percent respectively compared with 2019.


The projects signed in the event feature a wide range of industries and a large amount of inbound investment. The enterprises involved are high-level ones and the projects are optimized in the deployment of high-end industries.


Among the projects, the large-scale and high-end ones for sophisticated and advanced products are mainly of new business forms, such as those for new infrastructure, new energy, integrated circuit, and e-commerce, with which, the industrial basic capacity and the industry chain modernization level of Anhui will be further promoted, the dominant industry chains will be further strengthened, prolonged and completed, and the stability and competitiveness of the supply and industry chains will be further enhanced.


It is believed the new projects signed in the event will effectively promote the economic and social development of Anhui and deepen the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Anhui, Hong Kong and Macao.