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WMC Jianghuai Online Economic Forum to kick off in Hefei on September 12

Updated:Sep 04,2020 09:23 AM AHFAO

According to Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, WMC Jianghuai Online Economic Forum will be held in Hefei on September 12.


During this forum, we will thoroughly study and implement the guiding principles in the important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection tour to Anhui. With the theme of "online economy enabling high quality development" and focusing on the key areas of online economic development, the forum will do a good job in assisting maintain stability on six fronts and ensure security in six areas and start the "Digital Anhui" project. The forum will also step up efforts to cultivate new technology, new industry, new business and new development models, strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, expand new scenarios for technology applications, create a new ecology of online economy, induce deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and promote high-quality economic development.


The forum consists of five major events, including a cloud opening ceremony, a theme forum, a cloud contract signing ceremony, a cloud forum, and a cloud exhibition, according to the organizer.


The theme forum will give highlights to the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Senior executives, specialists and scholars from central enterprises, overseas Fortune Global 500 companies, well-known internet and manufacturing enterprises have been invited to make live or recorded speeches, in which they will summarize the latest development trends, express authoritative opinions and predict the future of development.


The preparation for cloud contract signing focuses on the fields of new infrastructure, technological innovation, emerging industries and public services. A number of large, profitable, high-level and high-quality projects are expected to be signed at the ceremony.


The contents of the cloud forum include a Yangtze River Delta Integration Cooperation Forum, a Digital Government Construction Forum, and a Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication Forum. Senior executives, experts and scholars from big-name companies and institutions are invited to give speeches on the site or in the cloud.


Modern technologies including 5G, VR/AR, and big data will be applied for the cloud exhibition to concentratedly showcase online the key enterprises and products in the manufacturing industry and online economic field of the 16 cities in Anhui, and the achievements of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.