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Zhang Xi meets guests from Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai

Updated:Sep 04,2020 09:14 AM AHFAO

Vice Governor Zhang Xi met in Hefei with Laura Liang Aron, director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai (Hong Kong Office in Shanghai) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the afternoon of August 26. Sun Donghai, deputy secretary-general of Anhui Provincial People's Government, and Yong Chenghan, director-general of Anhui Provincial Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office, were present at the meeting.


After expressing his welcome to the guests, Zhang Xi talked about the inspection visit to Anhui by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Then he pointed out that the Hong Kong Office in Shanghai of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has maintained close cooperation with Anhui for many years, and all previous leaders of the office followed the development of Anhui with interest.

The vice governor said, when facing the severe challenges brought by the novel coronavirus and the complicated and volatile environment both at home and abroad this year, Anhui conscientiously implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, scientifically coordinates the epidemic control and economic development, and steps up efforts to maintain stability on six fronts and ensure security in six areas across the board. As a result, the work, production, business and markets have been resumed gradually in good order, and the overall economic performance has recovered from decrease to increase.

The vice governor also informed the guests that Anhui will host a WMC Jianghuai Online Economic Forum this September. He said he hopes, as the Hong Kong Office in Shanghai has close ties with Hong Kong enterprises, Director Aron could introduce more high-quality enterprises to participate in the "100 Hong Kong and Macao enterprises" business partnering program during the forum, In this way, the two sides could jointly promote the economic and trade cooperation between Anhui and Hong Kong to a new level.

Madam Laura Liang Aron spoke highly of the achievements made by Anhui in the economic and social development. She promised to promote Anhui and introduce more Hong Kong entrepreneurs to Anhui for business information collection and investment. She said she hopes that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Anhui Province could continue to strengthen practical cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, education, and youth exchanges on the basis of the existing cooperation, and the two sides could join hands to push the cooperation and exchanges between them to a new height.