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2019 WMC Work Summary & Project Promotion Meeting held

Updated:Dec 20,2019 11:02 AM AHFAO

Presided by Tao Minglun, Member of Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the CPC and Secretary General of Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, the 2019 World Manufacturing Convention (2019 WMC for short) Work Summary & Project Promotion Meeting was held in Hefei on the afternoon of December 18th, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the CPC Li Jinbin, and Li Guoying, Deputy Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the CPC and Governor of Anhui Province, made instructions. Member of Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the CPC and Executive Vice Governor of Anhui Province Deng Xiangyang delivered a speech. Other leading officials such as Yu Aihua, Song Guoquan and He Shushan attended the meeting.


Li Jinbin made the remarks that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping at its core, getting support from home and abroad and with united efforts, people across Anhui achieved the remarkable success of 2019 WMC. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 2019 WMC at national level. He attached importance to this convention and inspired the whole Anhui people. On behalf of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and government, Li extended sincere greetings and best wishes to all the supporters and staff for unremitting effort in WMC. 


Li Jinbin underlined the importance of developing the entity economy through bolstering manufacturing to enhance high-quality economic growth. Self-reliance is the starting point for the struggle of the Chinese nation. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we will fully implement the arrangements of the Central Economic Work Conference and turn Xi Jinping's cordial care into a driving force for Anhui high-end manufacturing industry.


To build a modernized economy system, we should develop high-quality manufacturing guided by new development principles, enhance the technological innovation capacity of the manufacturing sector to foster its upgrading, and take the promotion of high-quality manufacturing development as an important link in building entity economy with the integration of Internet, big data and AI technologies.


In doing this, we are going to develop a strong new-type modernized industry system including chip industry, flat panel display manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and city-industry integration.


We will work actively to implement the instructions of the convention and continue to inspect all kinds of projects to ensure their operation and completion, and continue to clarify the new development principles, provide supportive policies, innovative projects and production factors to companies in building the entity economy. We will increase growth drivers through the upsurge of innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, and facilitate the flow of production factors such as fund and land, push forward cutting taxes and fees, and implement projects by optimizing the high-efficiency investment environment with less government approvals.


By summarizing the previous experience, renewing the pattern and upgrading the brand, we should endeavor to prepare for the 2020 WMC. In doing so, we aim to make the convention as a window to the outside world showcasing products made in Anhui, an opening platform at the national level, and a high-end world manufacturing summit for cooperation and mutual learning. That’s how it hopes to promote the high-quality development of global manufacturing and make contribution to win-win sharing.


The 2019 WMC opened on September 20th in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province. President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory latter to the convention. China attaches great importance to the development of the manufacturing industry, adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy, and takes the promotion of high-quality manufacturing development as an important link in building a modernized economy system. China is ready to work with all sides to advance the vigorous development of new technologies in the manufacturing sector, and make positive contribution to the high-quality development and shared benefits of the global manufacturing industry.


Li pointed out that what we achieved in 2019 WMC comes from the great attention and support of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as well as the hard work of all relevant sectors.He expressed concern and thanks to all comrades. He added that to thoroughly apply Xi Jinping Thought in his congratulatory letter, we must strengthen our efforts to convey the spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Central and Provincial Party Committee and elaborately orchestrate the 2020 WMC. We will meet the new requirements for high-quality manufacturing and opening-up at a higher level, and aim high to further improve the meeting mechanism, setting a platform for industry insiders to showcase cutting-edge technologies and develop business contacts. The growth momentum is set to make greater contribution to implement the manufacturing power strategy.


To thoroughly apply Xi Jinping Thought in his congratulatory letter, we must stress the importance of our political consciousness. Setting the leading footprint on innovation and promoting industrial upgrading are necessary to build open-economic highland for investment and trade cooperation. We will put the responsibility in contract engagement and spearheading cooperation for enhancing WMC brand. We should strength the capacity of leadership and cooperation, refine the general plan of a high standard convention, and ask for guidance and support from pertinent sectors for a better WMC.


The meeting summarized the work and praised the leading organizations of the 2019 WMC, and also reported the implementation of the signed projects in 2018 WMC.