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638 Projects signed involving 735.1 billion yuan investment at WMC 2019

Updated:Sep 28,2019 11:45 AM AHFAO


The World Manufacturing Convention (WMC) 2019 concluded successfully in Hefei on September 23. A news conference on the achievements of the event was held on the next morning. Yu Aihua, standing committee member and director-general of the publicity department of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, presided over the conference, and Deng Xiangyang, standing committee member of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Anhui Provincial People’s Government, announced the outcomes of the convention.

“Compared with the first WMC last year, this one features a higher level and alarger scale,” the vice governor said. “The six grouped partnering activities between local enterprises and those from central enterprises, the private sector, foreignenterprises, Hong Kong and Macao SARs, Taiwan Island and overseas Chineseenterprises produced 638 projects contracted jointly with a total investment of 735.1 billion yuan. The number of projects and the total investment increased respectively by 46 percent and 64 percent compared with last year.


The contracted projects are in the fields of integrated circuits, new display, intelligent terminals, robots, general aviation, rail transit, new materials, biomedicine, new energy, new energy vehicles, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

The WMC this year gave a highlight to the “worldwide” feature. One of the light spots showing its enhanced openness is the designation of the guest country of honor and guest provinces of honor. More than 4,500 participants from 78 countries and regions attended the event, including 1,700 overseas guests, 111 heads of the Fortune 500 companies at home and abroad, and 30-odd well-known experts and scholars.

The organizer arranged a thematic forum and 10-odd parallel forums on qualitymanufacturing, industrial internet, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, etc. Officials from government departments, experts and scholars and big-name insiders discussed the latest concept of manufacturing development focusing on the theme of the convention,shared ideas on the future development trend of industrial innovation and the broad spectrum of the industrial revolution. After the consensus of development was reached,the convention issued a Hefei initiative in the name of the organizing committee.