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700 enterprises to show products at WMC 2019 

The  preparations  for the World  Manufacturing Convention  (WMC) 2019  have entered a sprint stage  now.  Our  reporter learned from the provincial  department of  economy  and information  technology that the venue of the exhibition  for WMC 2019 is  Hefei Binhu International  Exhibition  and Convention  Center,  which is divided into 10  sectors,  including a preface  hall  and those for international  manufacturing, integrated YRD  development,  intelligent manufacturing,  etc.  At present, nearly 700 enterprises at home and abroad have been  selected  to  display their complete  sets of equipment, high-tech products and key components  at the venue.

Updated:Sep 17,2019 17:46 PM AHFAO

The  preparations  for the World  Manufacturing Convention  (WMC) 2019  have entered a sprint stage  now.  Our  reporter learned from the provincial  department of  economy  and information  technology that the venue of the exhibition  for WMC 2019 is  Hefei Binhu International  Exhibition  and Convention  Center,  which is divided into 10  sectors,  including a preface  hall  and those for international  manufacturing, integrated YRD  development,  intelligent manufacturing,  etc.  At present, nearly 700 enterprises at home and abroad have been  selected  to  display their complete  sets of equipment, high-tech products and key components  at the venue.

Under  the theme  of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Marching towards  New  Era  of Manufacturing  Industry”,  the preface  exhibition  sector consists  of  three parts,  respectively for the  development of world manufacturing industry, the development of Chinese  manufacturing industry and the development of Anhui manufacturing industry. By  means of charts, text, photos,  videos, and  various  modern high-tech means, the exhibition area will  fully  demonstrate the changes of the  world  manufacturing industry  and the achievements in innovations  in China, particularly in Anhui, since  the founding of the  People’s  Republic of China. A  screen  will be employed for the display  and some  physical  items  will also be arranged in the hall.

The  International Manufacturing Exhibition sector  is composed of a pavilion of the UK and a  showcase area for new-generation  information  technology.  This year, the organizing  committee has designated a “guest  country of honor”  and that is why the UK can have a separate  national pavilion;  in the area for new-generation  information technology are four sub-sectors  respectively for the display of chips, screens, equipment,  and the integration of AI and manufacturing, which are the core  products of Lenovo, BOE,  Hefei  Nexchip, Amazfit,  and Seeya Display.

The  sector  to show the integrated  YRD  development has  six parts, namely, a preface, and five areas respectively for the  competitive  industrial cluster, leading enterprises in  development,  industrial cooperation, integrated  development,  and future industrial development.  This exhibition  sector  will showcase new  achievements  and new accomplishments in  the development  of  manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta.

The  outdoor  experience  area of driverless vehicles is  in a layout of several zones, a waiting hall with video shows, a  driverless car  experience zone, a demo zone to show driverless  garbage sweepers in  working,  and  a popularizing zone to disseminate  the knowledge.  This  outdoor area will mainly showcase and let people experience driverless  cars, self-driving sanitation vehicles, and  automatic  road sweepers.